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      PhoneInvestigator Apps
      Brings the Investigative power of the Phone website to your smartphone. The app is available for the iPhone and Android OS.
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      A website full of applications designed to help people find who they are looking for. The site integrates with the companion mobile apps. - Who Called You
      Protects your phone number. Provides notifications on comments made about your phone number. A community phone book.
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    Market, Delivery, Leadership
    Intellengence for finding a niche and fulfilling the specific market need in a unique way that builds brand locality.
    Customer Experience must be seemless and functional across many platforms such as web, mobile and social media applicaitons.

    Ability to take risks in the face of the unknown, demonstrating confidence and inspiring/leading those around to reach greater heights of acheivement.


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    We are Serial Entrepreneurs constantly look for innovative ways to deliver our data intelligence to the Internet community. Our products reside on our proprietary hardware and software platforms. We have adopted the craw, walk, and run model for all our products that we deploy; however, with our existing infrastructure, contracts, and partnerships we can rapidly cycle though product iterations. We love a challenge, creating business solutions for any market, anywhere, and anytime. If you are going to dream, DREAM BIG!
    Matthew Dobrzenski
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Software Engineering, Operations & Marketing
    Twitter | @matt_MDL
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    Eric A. Lapperre
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Hardware Engineering, Product Development & Finance
    Twitter | @Eric_MDL
    Matt's LinkedIn Profile

    MDL Skill Sets: Software/Hardware Engineering, Networking Management, Business Admin, Process Improvements, and Industrial Engineering

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We Build Digital Brands and the Plateform Solutions to Deliver them!